Aurora Draconis



Aurora Draconis is the iOS Chapter for players ranking Gold to Diamond League play, and is based in Asia/Oceania timezones. Discord game chat is required for members of the chapter.

Aurora Draconis’ clan ID is 38176.



Voodoo King v1

Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia.

He’s an average pilot with an above average hangar.

The half man, half amazing, Aurora Draconis chapter leader…



The Real Marty v2

Hello, you’ll soon get to know me. Whether you wish to or otherwise!

My connection to WR? Well, I get disconnected about 1 in 10 games.


Astariel v1

Hi, my name is Astariel.

I have lived roughly half of my life in Korea and the other half in New Zealand. I also watch a lot of Hollywood movies and British TV shows. So the curious accent you hear on Discord voice comms is from all of the above influences.

I like multitasking so you’ll sometimes hear me breaking some dishes while cooking in the background when I squad with you. But don’t worry, I will still beat you in damage (just kidding – or am I?).

When I’m not disintegrating the reds with my three assorted death button griffins (DB, PDB, RDB), I enjoy drawing and playing the piano.


Vigus Fatbelly

Texas born and Texas Bred, that’s the way his life is led. By day he’s a normal working man. Family, friends, all that. Typical Texan, really. Likes to hunt. Likes to fish. Likes big trucks, loud motorcycles and lots of guns. In a way, that makes sense, because in his downtime, he’s a killer pilot, who loves his Griffens loaded with molots and punishers. But don’t tell him this, we think he’s better in a carnage. Just ask Voodoo King why.