Aurora Excelsis



Just as with the Android platform, a spinoff chapter was necessitated by the tremendous expansion of the original clan. Aurora Excelsis is for the progression-minded, higher-league players on iOS.

Aurora Excelsis’ clan ID is 36813.



  • Nationality: 50% Latvian, 25% Irish, 25% Scottish and 100% Australian
  • Resides: Melbourne, Australia
  • Education: Bachelor Applied Science – Human Movement (think sports science)
  • Graduate Diploma of Education – Secondary (think high school teaching)
  • Work: Commercial Lead for a major food and beverage manufacturer

I found the game when my then 3yr old son came running to me with the iPad saying “I want this robot game, Daddy.” It had popped up as an in-app advertisement while he was playing around. Stupidly, I downloaded it for him- it overstimulated him every time he played it, leading to some awesome tantrums. The positive out of it, was Dad had found a new game to fill in the commute to work! That was somewhere around January/February this year, been hooked since.

Outside of War Robots, sport has been the constant in my life, starting with basketball at age 7, through both forms of rugby, cricket, volleyball, ice hockey and finishing with Australian Rules football. I played organized competitive sport for well over 20yrs until the body finally said ‘enough’, relegating me to the golf course for the last dozen or so years. Now I just chip away at my single digit handicap.

When I’m not on the course, I’m playing husband to the greatest woman alive, my wife Narelle, and playing dad to my boys – 4yr old Sonny and 1yr old Lenny.


Shakree started playing RPGs when tall enough to see up onto a 6×4 gaming table, playing Tunnels and Trolls and Peter Jackson creations amongst many others. Played WarRobots solo for quite a while before joining some forum activity, from there found solo play stifling, joined the Forum Mercenaries iOS crew and was then invited into Aurora. Discord increases your fun factor. Outside of game, works in the Australian charity sector and is the proud dad to his 2 little girls, 1.5& 3.5 . Family first, always. In other news Shakree enjoys all things circus related (except for whitewash) and tries to play Tak occasionally.
 My WarRobot journey, by Shakree
I’ve been a solo player for over a year, running with randoms and fighting tooth and claw every game. I lose a lot but I gain silver so I don’t care. Several months in I find the wiki forums and begin to glean useful play for my level… Clans? No thanks, my life is too busy, my days don’t hold enough time to be engaged or to be of worth. A few months passes and MM changes… omfg… the forums erupt. The game balance disintegrates, from Diamond I’m fighting Master and Champion regularly… From those ashes, the MERC crew is born, clan or no clan, squad up and fight the unfair MM system.., Yes! Yes! Yes! Within the MERC crew I met Aurora and Dredd_77. I’d seen a few Aurora peeps on the Wiki forum- whatever clansuckers – but he was different. Direct and impersonal weirdly. He hooked me up with SprintingGoat and the rest is history… Our Chapter is young, it’s in a difficult battle zone but the games we have… sheesh, Norb, Amid, LoneWolf, 4tz, Astro top drawer, top drawer to mention just a few. Such players were what I looked for, players who regarded the team win more important than ones personal stats. In Aurora I found a balance for what I was after while being wary of over committing.