Aurora Nova Chapter



The original chapter, this is where everything started. Aurora Nova exemplifies the clan values of maturity, family, and teamwork.



perfectlyGoodInk is the founder and leader of Aurora Nova since January of 2017 and has played War Robots since September 2016. He loves his RDB Griffin. Due to work and raising two young sons while his wife attends graduate school, he considers himself a casual gamer. So, when he lands in front of 3 Aphid-wielding Reds, he reminds himself that he has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from UC Berkeley and a M.A. in Applied Economics from San Jose State University.

He also has over ten years of embedded systems programming experience, an internship at a fairly well-known think-tank in D.C., college teaching experience, has managed a team of EdTech content authors with graduate degrees, and wins a surprising number of Internet arguments. All of these accomplishments appears to be overshadowed by that one time he left behind his car at Burning Man. Since that led to him meeting his beautiful wife on the volunteer cleanup crew, he realizes he really doesn’t have any cause for complaint — even if she does happen to be a Stanfurd grad.

When not shooting robots, he can be found playing the piano, drums, synths, trombone, bass, watching The West Wing with his wife, helping his 5yo design Portal 2 levels, and playing tackle football with his 1yo.