Aurora Nova iOS



When there was sufficient demand to begin a chapter on the iOS platform, Aurora Nova iOS was created. Aurora Nova iOS is now the home for iOS pilots who prefer either a more relaxed and casual experience, or are looking for guidance and development to move up the leagues. The chapter is mainly stationed in Silver and Gold league.



George Whelan, aka Cdr. Crimmins, started playing WR (then WWR) in July of 2016 after noticing his 9yo son (Death Robot 10K) playing this crazy giant robot game on his iPad. Deep buried memories of Battletech and assorted 80’s and 90’s cartoons bubbled up and he found himself diving right in. He has a weakness for faction specific lineups and currently battles from Gold I up to Diamond III.

Fast forward to Dredd77’s forum announcement of the creation of Aurora Nova iOS and he wasted no time filling out an application for membership along with his squadding regular HAL9OOO. One thing has led to another and now here we are, helping to grow the clan to even better heights without the loss of fun and enjoyment that this game can provide.

AnimalsCS v1
In December, after seeing an ad for an awesome robot game, Ari decided he had to try War Robots out. After a couple months of playing he discovered the forum and, from there, Aurora Nova iOS. Griffins are a favorite bot to play for their all around utility and survivability, though Ari does love trying to make the close-combat Leo viable. Ari loves to compete and improve at War Robots, but is always experimenting with new builds in his fifth slot.

Outside of War Robots, Ari has numerous interests: an avid board-gamer, miniature painter, and Diplomacy player ( He loves rock climbing, running, backpacking, and hanging out with friends. This fall he is heading off to the University of California San Diego to pursue another one of his passions, biology.

Grainreaper v1

Patrick, the GrainReaper, grew up watching cartoons like Voltron, Transformers, and Robotech and later was drawn to movies like Pacific Rim, so it’s no wonder a game like War Robots was a perfect fit! As a mechanic by trade, GrainReaper finds piloting a metal death trap as fun as fixing them in the shop. He is also an avid home brewer so you might catch him discussing the nuances of a new recipe he’s designed, or breaking down a fine craft beer on Discord.