Aurora Proxima



Among highest laids of Android chapters in Aurora Nova family, Aurora Proxima mainly consists of Diamond and Expert pilots currently. To improve clan coordination and gameplay, Discord game chat is required here. Proxima covers Europe and Asia timezones.

Aurora Proxima’s clan ID is 37267.



Well my name is Josh and I go by the name of TinCanCrusher ingame. I’ve been playing WR since April 2017.

I’m 39 and have an awesome wife and two awesome kids, boy and a girl. I reside in the Great state of North Dakota and work in the Oilfield as a Maintenance Foreman. When not playing WR I’m fishing, hunting, riding 4 wheeler, playing football or soccer with my boy.

Aurora has been my only clan home. Top notch people here to squad with, get advice from and just to BE with.