Aurora Serica



Aurora Serica is the iOS Chapter for players in gold and diamond. To facilitate squadding and discord chatting we try to recruit pilots from the time zones covering Europe / Africa, but will sometimes accept pilots from outside those zones. We like our pilots to be active in the game. We hope that as many as possible will join us in our discord chat server, where we can exchange thoughts about the game, and help each other to improve our battle skills!   If you see a pilot in game with the clan tag [AuSe] that’s us.

Aurora Serica’s clan ID is 37200.



The Dragoon here, real name Ryan, I’ve been on War Robots for about two months and loving it! I Have a great deal of fun in my Gepard while other bots try to no avail to take me out. I live in South Africa and found Aurora by chance and have enjoyed every moment of it. In the real world I’m a electrical project manager doing electrical fit outs for many well known restaurants and retail, local, and international brands and franchises.


Bold as Love

Bold started playing War Robots around February 2017 – an impulsive curiosity that’s turned into daily fun. In May he joined Aurora Nova.

Bold is a family man, who found in AN a sense of togetherness, a sense of fun and humour, a sense of give and take, and a simple feeling of being at home.

He made many new friends through the AN ( aurora nova) discord chat server.

AN has its own server in discord called Aurora Nova. There are channels giving advice on tactics, hangars, loadouts, brewing, art, forging, humanities etc. There are a bunch of channels for voice communication while squadding. The craic is always great, and there’s never a dull moment.

War Robots and Aurora Nova has seriously interfered with Bold’s love of drawing and oil painting, as well as music in the form of piano, guitar, and an occasional rattle on the djembe. His family though always comes first!



WR player from Finland. I started playing in june of 2017 and got hooked on it straight away. Found out about Aurora Nova and it’s great squadding. I try to squad with everybody and anybody when I can.

When I’m not playing WR I’m working or spending time with my family.


Ernestas name plate

Ernestas. A hotelier, traveler, family guy and wine lover. Studied in Switzerland, later worked around the world, from Maldives & Thailand to Switzerland & Norway, always enjoyed and appreciated different nationalities, traditions, and of course – wine. Wine brings people together and always tells some interesting story about itself, or stories float from people enjoying it. No wonder communicating with different people from different countries transferred to live video games. Like at work, same at games, good leadership is the key, therefore always thrives on moving forward, pushing hard to achieve highest results.