Aurora Supernova



The clan’s second Chapter, Aurora SuperNova spun off from the original chapter, with a higher performance standard for the clan’s more progression-minded pilots who relish a competitive experience.

Aurora Supernova’s Clan ID is 33314.



Leader: ColeTrain

I go by ColeTrain.

Yes, GOW and Rosco P. You can’t stop the ColeTrain baby!

I am married with kids. Over 40 and boys 4 and 6. I work, play with kids, work out, and play War Robots! I lift weights, have run a half marathon and some Olympic length Triathlons. Before kids I played golf and fished, that is getting rare these days. I do love to drink a good stout, or bourbon.

I have two Favorite War Robots moments that I like to execute as much as possible. First, I love my Gareth. I call it the “Springfield sweep,” if you let me, I can usually take out a bot or two on the way to the top red farmhouse home beacon. After that, it could be 4 beacons to 1 and the game may be over in 4 minutes. 2nd, I get my carnage into red spawn. Ka-Chunk, Ka-Chunk, Ka-Chunk… like gifts from heaven… red spawns em’ I knock em out. Rinse and Repeat.