Aurora Tenebris

Tenebris v1


In Tenebris, we’ve succeded to build a group of friends who meet not just to collect league points with skilled brothers-in-arms on the WR battlefield, but also to have fun, make jokes or help each other by advice. We consider THIS being the biggest asset, much more valuable and durable than the constantly changing WR world.

If you decide to join us, bear in mind that we’re not the ladder climbers and the chapter will most probably never score in TOP 100.

Instead, we’ll strongly encourage you to use Discord game chat, so that you get to know us, and we get to know you. Just a short bits of text can be shared using in-game chat, while Discord server gives the opportunity to build a really good group by sharing and storing longer text, links and videos.

Aurora Tenebris is an Android Chapter spread over Silver, Gold and Diamond Leagues and covers timezones from Europe (GMT+1) to Asia (app. GMT+9). Our chapter’s ID is 40797.


TataMat v2

Being chapter leader since July 2017, TataMat seen the initial growth of the chapter, struggling a bit in the beginning to find it’s place in the sun. However, Tenebris has succeded and became a stable and vivid part of Aurora family.

TataMat himself is not a heavy gamer, playing up to the motto “Gaming is a spice of life. Best if used in similar dosage”. When he finds some to time to play in between job, family and other hobbies, he uses widely focused hangar starting with beacon capping and reds ambushing Rogatka, through a bit surprising but very effective shotgun Golem and my-jump-is-the-last-what-you-see DB Griffin, to heavy push setups like Ancile Ember Raijin and midrange Natasha.

TataMat loves to squad, though MM is currently putting larger squad against unbalanced opponents. As it often means a quick annihilation by Mk2 lvl 12 gear, he hopes that Pix will come with a better solution one day.

As a F2P pilot, TataMat hopes that WR will maintain its playability and Pix will come with a good answer to whale tankers soon, making the otherwise great game attractive in the long run.