Aurora Doctrina


Aurora Doctrina, the Latin word for “learning,” is War Robots University. We scientifically examine the many ways to win and enjoy the game, and experimentation is strongly encouraged.  Each week, Doctrina is among the most active AN clans, with players working in squads and utilizing voice communication during battle.


Where y at v1

Clan Leader: The Dean of Destruction is Paul L, or “Where y’at?” in game.  Holding terminal degrees in Blastonomics and Beaconology, Dr. Yat relentlessly probes the boundaries of all maps and tactics looking for new pathways to victory.  Yat has designed two “Robot Rodeos” for Aurora Nova members, which feature competitive and entertaining challenges finding rare builds and making connections with other pilots.  When not playing War Robots, Paul is a social studies teacher and dad of 3 boys, residing in Cheltenham, UK.


Z0S0 v1

Officer: Professor of non-linear Zeusonometry James Patrick, or JP, is “Z0S0” in game.  Dr. Z0S0 is a Raijin/Rhino researcher whose groundbreaking work has led to better understanding and sustainable use of these endangered species world wide.  JP is a chef and dog aficionado in southwestern Colorado, US.

Along with expert pilots Southedge and FENIX_BeGone, Z0S0 and Where y’at? were members of Clan Dragon/Rat Bastards before joining Aurora Nova.  They played in Aurora Tormentum before creating War Robots U/Aurora Doctrina.

Aurora Doctrina is a good entry point for iOS pilots seeking their first foray into Aurora Nova.  We welcomed many “Search & Conquer“ pilots in the fall of 2017, including future leaders Flexie and Manticore.

Discord is required; active pilots in Gold league and above are welcome. European/African, Asian, and American time zones are represented in Doctrina.