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November 2017 Member of the Month – Optimus Mime

Written by: Dr. Where y’at?

Aurora Nova’s November 2017 Member of the Month is Optimus Mime, from Aurora Audax.  He was selected from eight nominees by a democratic vote of the clan membership.  OM’s positive presence on Discord and solid game play are well known, so the Ordo Literarum inquired about the man behind the tattooed avatar …


The thing you hate most in War Robots is …

I hate it when experienced pilots kill me with Stalkers. It’s a very public, embarrassing execution.  And those things are ugly, too.  I hope they develop a robot that can step on Stalkers.


Who is Optimus Mime in real life?  

My name is Jameson. I’m a second grade teacher in Hawaii. I’m pretty provincial, having never been outside of Hawaii …  but since it seems to be an international destination, I figured that I’m ok for the time being.


Who is the guy in the avatar? He looks a little like Manny Pacquiao.

I’m slowly exploring my cultural heritage. My avatar is a pre-colonial Filipino man. Getting Tattoos were rites of passage – you could only get a tattoo for taking an enemy scalp. I have some of those tattoos but I haven’t paid the scalp price.  Plus, it might be a little narcissistic to put a picture of my shirtless self on Discord.  My tattoos are a documentation of my life.  I sometimes secretly wish that my career path had led to something in nautical piracy, and tattoos are almost a uniform for that sort of thing.


Why do you like video games?

I have always loved giant robots, and video games are one avenue in which I can safely vent any aggression. War Robots is a very happy marriage of those two things.


It is horrible to live in Hawaii, I’m told.  You undoubtedly agree.

Sorry, no.  You surf until you can’t, then watch the sunset from the ocean.




6-Pack Fight Club

Written by: OptimusMime

The Dream

We want to blow **** up.

‘We’ are tired, instant-ramen eating students, overwhelmed by an impossible load of coursework.  We are mothers, attempting to sneak in a single game on the toilet between board meetings.  We are fathers playing with bleary eyes; dynamic, marble-eating progeny tucked in tight. We are professionals and artists and veterans and dreamers who journey nightly to the virtual shores of War Robots because we want to abscond from real life and blow **** up.  We want to blow **** up, hard.  This simple dream of ours has become just that–a faraway dream.


The Problem

The gulf between the haves and the have-nots widens rapidly as Pixonic persists in its relentless release of increasingly nuclear-like component weapons and robots.  The average player is unlikely to be in possession of dashbots, Shocktrains, or Scourges. The average player in ownership of the aforementioned items have probably purchased them with hard-earned, sweaty little piles of workshop points/gold, ground out in countless matches–thumbs bleeding, as their personal lives and hygiene deteriorated.  My first experience with a Shocktrain was a flash of light, then sudden, bewildering death.  The first death occurred as red spawn-raided my squad, so several more flashy blinks deaths followed and rapid succession.  I was less of a contender than an indiscreet fart in the wind!  Can I get an ‘amen’?  Aside from the weapons, we are besieged by tankers, clubbers, and bears, oh my!


The Solution – Fight Club

Lace your shoes and wrap your hands. The 6-pack fight-club scene is a throwback to more primeival time when skills, grit, and straight-thuggery were the bywords of the day. You can kill anything, in anything. Dust off ye olde Golems, Vityazes, and Natashas that elevated you to the gold league.  The level-6 cap on all weapons and bots is the great equalizer–Silvers are grinding facefuls of Orkans into Champs, Champs are polishing their beloved Punisher Griffs, and squadding across the whole Aurora Nation is now possible.

There is no whale or nOOb (well, there are still nOObs), just tasteful trash-talking and skill. If you cannot or do not have either of these things, you will acquire them quickly. Let’s take our game back! Let’s raise our collective middle fingers to money making schemes and play this game the way our ancestors meant us. See you in Fight Club.


Additional Notes:
There is an official 6-pack tournament held by Rockwelder with both an Aurora iOs and Aurora Android presence. There is a monthly season, with end-of-the-year prizes. Those who wish to join the Android team should express their interest with a picture of their 6-pack hangar on the Android Tourney League Page, or contact Razor3642. iOs players can contact ATC-MOMO or express interest in Blackjade’s Lounge discord: Otherwise, just give a shout-out in the #iossquadfinding channel.




Aurora Nova Welcomes the Android Army


Written by: Dr. Where y’at?

The “Ândroid Ârmy”, a close-knit group of game-loving troublemakers, has joined the Aurora Nova family of clans.  The new chapter is “Aurora Âstra”.


“The transition happened smoothly and quickly and the welcome we have received has been fantastic,” reports Nemesis, clan officer. “It has opened a whole new set of exciting possibilities for our chapter and has already widened our friendship group dramatically.”


Nemesis added: “Tempest has been the driving force for the most part, which has kept us together as a close group of friends from Europe and the States, the core of whom started as simulator combat plane pilots, but we have also collected new members as we have travelled.”


The Ârmy isn’t new – years ago, the group completed beta testing and participated in the launch of Fighterwing 2, a combat flight simulator.  Small at first, FW2 became more popular and the Ârmy began communicating with in-game radio.  A free forum was introduced, which clan leader Tempest moderated.


“We had competitive factions but for the most part it became a more or less friendly place to chat about the game,” said Nemesis.  “We arranged competitions and themed battles; we were in frequent contact with the developer, who occasionally battled with us.”


The Ârmy decided to attack the common problem of trolls and hackers, forming a secret squadron called ‘The Wraith‘. The mission of this secret society was to have some fun trolling the trolls.  The Wraith conducted synchronised sweeping raids through the various battle rooms, having a laugh, causing mayhem and giving the hackers and trolls a taste of their own.  Nemesis has intimated that “a few” of The Wraith remain within Âstra, but declined to reveal their identities.


The Ârmy’s core group was regularly communicating by email, with some having met face to face.  They decided to explore other android games together.  Once they had established that War Robots was their new home, Tempest formed the Ândroid Ârmy and created an own private discord channel, which allowed a more convenient means of communication.


“We are proud to be members of the Aurora Nova clan whilst still being able to retain our individuality and maintain our identity as a group of friends from different walks of life from around the world,” said Nemesis.




A Brief History of Aurora Nova

Written by: Bold as love

In the latter half of 2016, perfectlyGoodInk was arguing against the practice of ‘seal clubbing’ in the War Robots Wiki Forum. He had a bronze hangar and four slots. He attracted the attention of the clan DOOM, and they invited him to join. It wasn’t long before he was made an officer, and happily accepted the join requests from members of the Forum. At this point he had already met the core of what would later become Aurora Nova. They were mostly low silver, and things really took off when one of the members, Goat Reaper, got them all to join Discord.

Due to problems with their current leader, and recognising perfectlyGoodInk’s leadership skills, two of the members, Goat Reaper and Cobalter, suggested that he should start his own clan. Reluctantly he agreed. They held a vote to pick the name and so Aurora Nova (new dawn) was born.

He started to post about the project on the forum. There was little interest in the new clan but among the members, activity and squadding opportunities soared. Between the Forum and Flexpoint’s server they recruited CrayCrayy and DPhill, both of whom became outstanding officers. The clan quickly filled up, and to cater to the demand they started a new chapter under DPhill. They called it Aurora Supernova.

The clan continued to grow in size and reputation, and it wasn’t long before forum members asked them to start an iOS branch. Aurora Nova iOS was born. This was the moment at which Dredd joined the crew. He created the website, and it was there that they codified the values of the clan – maturity, family, and teamwork – values that are still guiding us to this day.

The website and a recruiting push, brought an acceleration in growth that expanded the clan into most of the current chapters. Over time some have been added, and others removed.

Dredd_77 had a large impact on the clan in the early days, and is still a moderator in the Forum. Recently he has withdrawn from day to day AN discord activity, so that he can devote his time to his new blog Mech*Spectrum.

Although perfectlyGoodInk is technically the owner, and thus the overall leader of Aurora Nova, he is happy to stand back and let the clan develop in its own organic way.



The September Robot Rodeo Success

written by: Manticore

As we begin nearing the end of September, we can look back and feel satisfied with our accomplishments. In July, Aurora Tormentum officer, Where Y’at introduced a fun, week-long activity called the Robot Rodeo. With the aim to make this a quarterly event, a few members were drawn to this interesting activity. In July, Ubiond from Aurora Excelsis, in a show of true perseverance, went on to win the July Robot Rodeo.
However, this was not enough for Where Y’at. He wanted something more… Something which gave each and every clan member who participated an equal chance to win. And he did just that. Now the leader of a proud and strong clan, Aurora Doctrina, Where Y’at revamped the Robot Rodeo. Scrapping the leader board point system and introducing more and exciting opportunities to gain a placement in the draw; like more interesting Safari Robots (The robot of the day with a unique weapon setup) and various other draw earners, like The Rhino Warriors, Where Y’at hoped that it would draw in more players from all the 12 clans. It was a huge success.

The Rodeo saw 44 pilots from across the 12 clans, submitting 200 entries. In order to make the draw as fair as possible, Where Y’at utilised a randomizer to pick a winner for all the categories. For each of the winning parts, a gift of gold was awarded.

The different winning categories were:

The Rodeo of squad play – anyone was able to win this category. All you had to do to get a chance to win was post screenshots of you getting the highest beacon total by your squad in a win, highest kill total by your squad in a win highest beacon total by your squad in a loss and highest kill total by your squad in a loss there were 3 prizes for first place, second and third.

The Rhino Warriors – sponsored by Aurora Excelsis officer Shakree. In this category, participants could earn a place in the drawing by completing one of the 5 tasks and providing in-game screenshot proof of their completion. The reward for this was two 500 gold awards. Two people could win this. Some of the tasks were:

1. Rhino Beacon Charge – A picture of your Rhino capturing the centre beacon within the first 60 seconds of the game.

2. Rhino Assault – a picture of more than 3 allied rhinos on your team together.

The Scalpel – sponsored by Aurora Nova iOS leader, Cdr. Crimmins. One person was eligible to win this category and the prize was 1200 gold. In order to win this category, pilots had to compete with each other to post a picture of them destroying a red robot with a single Zenit.

Master Tactician – sponsored by Where Y’at. One person was eligible to win this category and the prize was 1200 gold. Same as The Scalpel. In order to win, pilots had to screenshot a game where they won by getting less kills and beacons than the enemy team. Not an easy task to accomplish.

All the 44 pilots who participated had an equal chance to win 8000 gold in total. And now, please join me in congratulating all the winners of the September Robot Rodeo!

The winners of The Rhino Warriors were Benji from Tormentum and R3KTERZZZ from Excelsis. The winner of The Scalpel challenge was HAL9OOO from Excelsis. The winner of the incredibly hard Master Tactician challenge was Asp from Tormentum. Coming in third place for the squad drawing, with a prize of 500 gold, was beerman421 from Aurora Nova. Second place was Doctrina’s own, Flexie who won a 1200 gold prize. The Honorarium drawing was Draconis’s Ace McQuade, who won 1200 gold. And lastly with a big prize of 2500 gold came the first place winner Big-Dope-Knight. Congratulations to him.

A personal congratulations goes out to all the winners from all the sponsors, and the organiser himself. You have all done yourselves and us proud and I hope that the next Robot Rodeo will be just as successful, if not even more successful, as this one.