Aurora Tolero


In Aurora Tolero it is our mission to provide a positive and mature gaming experience for players of War Robots. We welcome both casual and more serious gamers in Diamond and Expert leagues. As a chapter of Aurora Nova we hope we can create more of a family feeling to players, which is why we require everyone in our chapter to be on Discord and to participate in our forums and, ideally, our in-game voice channels. The only other requirement we have is that our members be fairly active; whether just a few games a week or much more, we seek members who wish keep up with the game. Our goal is to have everyone on voice comms so that we can learn from one another, grow our skills, and ultimately, have more fun. If this sounds like what you’re looking for please fill out an application and mention Tolero.


I came across War robots around the beginning of 2017 and loved it right away, brought me back to my college days of playing Mechwarrior on the original first Xbox.

I kind of dove right in and started playing when I could. I grew up playing team sports from hockey to soccer and even played for my College’s Men’s Vollebyall team. I jumped into squadding and getting on comms to do so. When we started AuTo we all talked about using the squads to out perform everyone and one of the big things with Tormentum was the idea of discussing what would be the best combination of bots to do better than average on all the maps. I really like the idea of what would make the best “team” and being a part of it.

In the ashes of Aurora Tormentum we changed to Aurora Tolero and rose up.  We didn’t have an in game leader anymore and we had to “endure” the switch.  As leader I only hope to make everyone’s experience with the game better.  Whether it be regular squads or the 6 pack league Tolero is a pretty awesome place.

I feel honored to be a part of this chapter and clan as there are so many good and fun people here.