Our Vision

The foundation of Aurora Nova can be said to have been built on the bedrock of three guiding principles: maturity, family, and teamwork.

AuNV dividerMATUR


Maturity is not shorthand for “lack of silliness,” but rather “lack of drama.” Like everyone else, we enjoy cutting loose after a day of work, chatting up and getting in some beacons and kills on the battlefield. Jokes— good, bad, and ugly alike— ripple through the corridors of our Discord. But we’re all a part of the same team, and drama and divisiveness get left at the door. Mutual respect for our chapter and clan brothers and sisters is the watchword of the day.

AuNV dividerFamily


Aurora Nova stretches over twelve chapters across two platforms, but there’s a consistent spirit that brings us all together as a family. Indeed, family is a recurring constant, as many of us understand the demands of raising a family of our own at home.

We look out for one another, and care about one another as individuals, rather than seeing one another as a collection of replaceable cup-earners in some hamster-wheel of progression. Many of us connect outside the game, through online forums and applications. The emphasis is on having fun as a group— whether that be through squad play or solo.

While we’re all committed to War Robots— else why be part of a clan— we also take our members’ personal commitments just as seriously. We are fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, friends and loved ones to many outside the world of this game.

Have to go dark for awhile because a family member is in the hospital? Need to eject from a match because your newborn is crying in the next room? We understand— and we’re all here for each other. The game is important to all of us, but commitments in real life comes first.

AuNV dividerTeamwork


There are many members of the clan who see War Robots as just a game, playing for fun. Others still see it as a hobby, looking to be the best player they can be. Ultimately, we are all looking for something more than just individual “success.” We develop together, share knowledge, offer guidance. And to keep our in-game experience as fun as it can be, we have regular contests and competition for prizes that keep our members highly active.

In other words, we are much more than a group of people playing the game in parallel.

Beyond that, we also recognize that we are part of a broader War Robots community and feel an obligation to be both good neighbors as well as good stewards of our clan name. As a result, Aurora Nova frowns on exploitative practices such as tanking and clubbing, preferring to play the game as intended and fight ’til the end.

Whether casual, serious, or something in between, there’s a place for everyone in Aurora Nova.