Places We Call Home

Although this site is the central hub for Aurora Nova, you’ll often find us taking advantage of other media for connecting with our fellow clanmates and War Robots players. Here are some of the other main connection points.



Our own Discord server? You betcha! Here’s where we can chat, and connect over voice comms. All members will automatically get an invite. And here’s a visitor’s pass if you’d like to just come check us out.



We’re a new face on Twitter, but will use this as our primary outward-facing social media account. Give us a follow!



Many Aurora Nova members are proud members of the War Robots Wiki Forum, which is the unofficial but Pixonic-recognized game forum. Indeed, an Aurora Nova Officer is even a moderator there, and it’s a great place to get anything from suggestions and advice, to banter and laughs. If you haven’t yet, make sure to check it out!



The author behind this popular blog is the leader of Aurora Nova iOS and writes about the state of the game- both from personal experience and hard statistical analysis. Want to learn about blogging? We’ll be happy to guide you!



Aurora Nova Officer Black Grouse has a YouTube channel, highlighting both individual play as well as squad tactics.


We also have a startup clanwide YouTube channel, dedicated to highlighting the clan’s exploits. Want to see your content posted there? Want to learn how to do your own broadcasting and streaming? As a member of Aurora Nova, the clan’s expert content creators will be delighted to take you under their wing.